Bound By Blood

The President is dead.
The outer colonies are in revolt.
One man will make himself Emperor.
The Commonwealth must stop him…or fall.

In the chaos after the death of President Barnes and the revelation of his betrayals, Brad Madrid has been imprisoned because of his relationship to the pirate known as the Phoenix. His relationship takes on a new edge when the Phoenix declares himself Lord Protector of the Outer Worlds—the unquestioned dictator of a nation born to wage war against the Commonwealth.

Released from his prison and drafted into the Commonwealth Navy, Brad is sent out to wage war against his last living relative. As his own home, Jupiter, tries to step aside from the conflict, he finds himself with a sparse list of allies—and facing a far more powerful enemy than he’d ever feared.

The Phoenix promised that he would be Emperor. As years of hidden work comes to fruition, Brad isn’t sure he can stop him. He only knows one thing: brothers or not, he will defy the Phoenix to his last dying breath!
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Bound By Honor

An enemy of newfound strength
A friend gone missing in the night
A threat that can be ignored no more

Brad Madrid, Commodore of the Vikings Mercenary Company, has once again been drawn into the war against the resurgent Cadre. Called into action in battles across the Solar System, from the fogs of Venus to the ice fields of Ceres, he faces deadly enemies at every turn.

In the midst of the chaos, Brad learns that his Agency contact and partner, Kate Falcone, has gone missing before she could deliver the evidence of treason she carried. With millions of lives at stake, finding her cannot be his first priority, but he searches as he goes.

Then an old enemy shares a poisonous gift as they flee from battle: the Cadre doesn’t have Kate Falcone. They know who does, however, and the hints they give Brad lead him to the one place he thought he would never make war…

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Bound By Law

An uneasy peace broken by an old enemy
An old ally owed debts and obligations
A new mission to bring light into darkness

In the aftermath of the destruction of the Cadre’s main base, there was a period of quiet in the Solar System. Now, however, pirate attacks are on the rise again. When the Cadre ambushes a medical convoy under the protection of Brad Madrid and the Vikings Mercenary Company, the attacking warship turns out to be of a type and class the pirates should never have come into possession of.

The Cadre is no longer limited to pirate corvettes and scratch-built destroyers. Somehow, they’ve come into possession of a modern fleet of warships no one outside the Commonwealth should possess.

Brad Madrid owes the Agency and the Commonwealth his allegiance and his life. So when Kate Falcone calls on him to help seek out the Cadre’s new shipyard, he answers without hesitation. Their investigation, however, will draw his mercenary company into a newborn conflict unlike anything he’s ever faced before.

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Oath of Vengeance

A mercenary with a secret past
A pirate leader with a secret mission
A clash that will shake planets

Mercenary Captain Brad Madrid has spent years building the resources to go after the man who murdered his family. His new career has benefits—but also duties and responsibilities he cannot lightly brush aside.

A new mission brings him once again into conflict with the Terror, however, and as friends and lovers alike perish around him, he realizes that responsibility and vengeance align. Neither the man he was nor the man he is can suffer the Terror to live.

Aided by allies across the planets and a familiar shadowy spy, Brad will hunt his enemy across the Solar System, chasing down a final confrontation that will shake the foundations of humanity…and fulfil his Oath of Vengeance.

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Heart of Vengeance

A pirate attack with only one survivor
A conspiracy woven across the planets
A vengeance that will not be denied

When pirates seize the inter-planetary freighter owned by Brad Mantruso’s family, he is dumped into space. Saved from death by a passing Fleet ship, he is left with nothing but his skills, a gun, and a burning desire for vengeance.

Acquiring a ship, he reinvents himself as the mercenary Captain Brad Madrid. Before he can pursue his enemies, however, he finds himself dragged into an unexpected conflict when his ship’s history draws new enemies to him.

Beset by pirates, slavers, and a woman who might be his savior—but definitely is a spy—it will take all of his skill, cunning, and new friends to claim his revenge!

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